The Best Credit Cards For Canadians With Bad Credit

Multiple Credit Cards Stacked on One Another


Having bad credit is tough. It makes things that many people take for granted — like financing a new car or swiping your credit card at the gas pumps — extra difficult. Or downright impossible, in some cases. Unfortunately, we now live in a digital age where not having a credit card is a huge inconvenience. From online shopping to booking hotels or car rentals, a credit card is basically a necessity in these modern times. And that’s not even mentioning using a credit card for things like curbside grocery pickup or essential product deliveries in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

If you can’t get a “normal” credit card, you might think you’re simply out of luck. However, even Canadians with bad or poor credit have a few lifelines for new credit cards. They come with higher interest rates and lower limits. You might even have to settle for a secured credit card at first. But you have to start rebuilding that credit somehow, and responsible credit card usage can play a big part in that. Check out these options.

Devon Taylor

Devon Taylor

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