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Credit Basics


How Long Do Things Stay on Your Credit Report?

Although most adults have a credit report (and credit score), few people actually check them regularly. Or at all. Even worse, plenty of Americans have no idea what these things say about their spending habits, accumulated debt, or financial future. Some surveys show that only about one-third of Americans have bothered to check their credit […]

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How Exactly is Your Credit Score Calculated?

Knowing your credit score is one thing. Understanding exactly how it’s calculated is another thing altogether. If you’re curious about how your credit score is determined, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you exactly how companies such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion come up with those numbers — you know, the ones that […]

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Tips For Making Sure You Have Good Credit

You hear a lot about how important it is to have good credit. It may not always seem fair that your finances are so closely tied to this abstract number. However, the entire credit industry is going to use your credit score to determine your financial reputation. That reputation will determine how they treat you. […]

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reconsideration line credit card Credit

Struggling to Get a Credit Card? Try a Reconsideration Line

Receiving a denial on your credit card application can put quite a damper on things. Rest assured, though, that this decision isn’t necessarily set in stone. There are actions you can take to potentially overturn your rejection and receive that new card. You should consider contacting the reconsideration line of whatever financial institution denied your […]

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Frozen Credit Card Credit

When Should You Freeze Your Credit?

Freezing your credit is one of the biggest and best weapons in your arsenal against the specter of identity theft. However, it seems very few people know you can even do such a thing — let alone when it makes the most sense to use it. Basically, a credit freeze makes it impossible for anyone […]

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